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I'm Jessica Embury, a geographer and data scientist based in San Diego, CA.

I create engaging map products and powerful geospatial tools by combining GIS technology with software development and design. I am passionate about exploring the many intersections between geography and computer science.

Identification of High-Risk Dry Cleaning Sites

In 2020-2021, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and the SDSU Sage Project collaborated to identify high-risk dry cleaning sites in San Diego County. As a project manager, I developed a Python package to geocode business addresses, created a remote validation process to verify site locations, performed spatial analysis to determine each site's potential risk to community health, and built a spatial database.

Watch this short video where I describe the project's spatial analysis. (3:49)

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Python


Site Suitability Analysis

Finding Optimal Business Partners

I performed a site suitability analysis and developed optimization models to help BrightSide Produce find the best candidate stores in the San Diego Promise Zone. I presented the project at the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG) 2021 annual meeting and received the Applied Geography/Earth Systems Award.

Esri Business Analyst, LINGO Modeling Software

Analytics Dashboards

COVID-19 Interactive Dashboards

I designed many of the dashboards published on the HDMA COVID-19 Research Hub to track COVID-19 outbreaks, outcomes, testing, and vaccinations since March 2020. I also developed Python scripts to automate data and map updates. Find out more about this work in my October 2020 interview with the SDSU NewsCenter.

ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard, Python

Research Project

iNaturalist Meta Analysis

I participated in a collaborative analysis of iNaturalist users and observation activity. My study of U.S. user activity included more than 20 million observations, requiring implementation of a PostgreSQL database with the PostGIS extension to perform the spatial analysis. I created the project's heatmaps in ArcGIS Pro.

PostgreSQL, PostGIS, ArcGIS Pro

Research Project

COVID-19 Population Vulnerability

I presented the topic of COVID-19 population vulnerability in San Diego County at the 2021 SDSU Student Research Symposium and received a Research Excellence Award. Watch the presentation to hear about my COVID-19 research efforts from March 2020 - March 2021.

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Python

Research Project

Temperature & Heat-Related Deaths

I collected historical weather data from the NOAA API with Python, analyzed correlations between temperature and heat-related deaths with R script, and created maps in ArcGIS Pro. I presented the project at the 2020 SDSU Student Research Symposium.

ArcGIS Pro, Python, R

Database Implementation

Human Mobility in San Diego County

I used Python and the psycopg2 package to automate the implementation of a PostgreSQL database containing origin-destination commuter data from the U.S. Census Bureau (LODES). I analyzed mobility trends using the PostGIS extension.

PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Python, ArcGIS Pro


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